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R.O.V inwater surveys

Are you passionate about underwater robots?

Our ROV are highly professional and technologically advanced. Based in a brand new design, we get rid of the complexity of owning and operating remotely a vehicle, without sacrificing quality or performance. All our ROV are based in the principle of offering a portable, affordable and user friendly solution for anyone interested in prying underwater, but with high performance capabilities able to descend up to 300m. The technical complexity of the equipment enables us to carry out mechanical duties thanks to its robotic arm, including recovering objects from the sea floor, removal of obstacles and surface cleaning thanks to its cavitation cleaning system. A clear view is guaranteed by its powerful LED search lights and a system that prevents fogging. From Goodwinds Marine Services we guarantee a professional and effective service, economical and without the need to have complex contingency plans in place needed with traditional systems. 

The high performance capabilities of the system enables us to access remote areas where human means cannot go, not having the need for contingency rescue plans or restrict local port traffic. There are numerous services that we can offer at Goodwinds Marine Services with guarantee of success, economical, safe and with the environment in mind.

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