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Our Services

Underwater Surveys by mean of grade proffesional ROV

Air Services by mean of highly proffesional Drones

Cargo Surveys, Cargo Hold Condition Surveys & Hatch-cover Inspections, Pre-acquisition and Damage Surveys

ISM/ISPS & MLC Internal/External Audits; PSC Surveys

Licensed Average Maritime Surveyor (Nº 9923)  

P&I Inspections

24/7 Emergency Service 

Ship Commissioning and Mobilization  

Ship Chandling & Bunkers Supply

Maritime Consulting and Coaching

Goodwinds Marine Services, as part of the SieXein Bio-Security Project, offers Solutions to fight against SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, at a Global scale. There is more information about our services in the following links:

Air purifiers Maritime sector

Goodwinds Marine Services offers Solutions to fight against SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, at a Global scale. In that sense, at Goodwinds Marine Services we have a strong committed with those technologies that may improve our living quality, while respecting the Environment. Based on this philosophy, we are committed to being part of the SieXsein Bio-Security Project, focus to publicize the DuctFIT technology. Its wide range of applications has no competition in the market, being the only technology tested in ICU of public hospitals, and certified by highly recognized International Organisms. 

Its value lies in the effectiveness in eliminating viruses and bacteria, not only from the environment but also from the surfaces present in the area protected by this technology. Among the pathogens that these technologie effectively eliminate, we could highlight Covid-19, H1N1 and Enterovirus, or bacteria such as E-coliKPC or Legionella, among many others. The wide range of equipment already developed, has applications in public and private spaces, housing or vehicles, either public or private, being able to cover surfaces of up to 200 m2, through fixed or portable units, depending on the arrangements. Should you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly answer your questions.


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With several years of maritime background in relevant positions, we put our acquired knowledge at your disposal. 
Among others, we are pleased to offer you with the following areas:

- Accidental Marine Pollution contingency plan´s drafting and implementation.

- HQSE – we help you to optimize your SMS/SMM and integrate it into your company activity, reducing associated costs.

- Help your company by searching highly qualified staff, supported by our extensive network of contacts.

- We perform internal audits, including ISM-MLC-ISPS, as certified and experienced auditors.

- We carry out staff evaluations, maximizing their performance.

- Supported by one of the most prestigious 'coaching' academies at an international level, we can also provide our clients top quality Coaching and mentoring courses.
R.O.V inwater surveys

Are you passionate about underwater robots?

Our ROV are highly professional and technologically advanced. Based in a brand new design, we get rid of the complexity of owning and operating remotely a vehicle, without sacrificing quality or performance. All our ROV are based in the principle of offering a portable, affordable and user friendly solution for anyone interested in prying underwater, but with high performance capabilities able to descend up to 300m. The technical complexity of the equipment enables us to carry out mechanical duties thanks to its robotic arm, including recovering objects from the sea floor, removal of obstacles and surface cleaning thanks to its cavitation cleaning system. A clear view is guaranteed by its powerful LED search lights and a system that prevents fogging. From Goodwinds Marine Services we guarantee a professional and effective service, economical and without the need to have complex contingency plans in place needed with traditional systems. 

The high performance capabilities of the system enables us to access remote areas where human means cannot go, not having the need for contingency rescue plans or restrict local port traffic. There are numerous services that we can offer at Goodwinds Marine Services with guarantee of success, economical, safe and with the environment in mind.

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Safety Preventive

Goodwinds Marine Services has the necessary technical qualifications and experience to undertake Inspections and

Audits, either ISM, Technical or Safety, both for shipowners and flag states, with the highest quality standards.

- Internal / external ISM/ISPS and MLC audits (Certified Inspectors for Liberia, Antigua&Barbuda and Palau).

- Pre-sale and Condition surveys.

- Damage commissioners (COMME 9923).

- P&I inspections.

- Technical inspections in recreational boats.

Pre-Vetting / CDI / SIRE
Goodwinds Marine Services was founded by a group of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the maritime sector.Thanks to this we offer, with full guarantee, pre-vetting/CDI/SIRE for your company;We are proud to have in our organization the skills, knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm of a former Navy Captain with extensive experience aboard Gas Carriers and Product Tankers.Soon we will be able to offer Vetting, CDI and SIRE, being in the process of obtaining the necessary OCIMF certification.

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