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HDPE Workboats

Boats built in High Density Polyethylene polymer

Certain properties associated to HDPE make it an ideal material for the construction of work boats. It has a high resistance in relation to its density, making it extremely resistant and light at the same time. Its density is lower than that of water, meaning it has buoyancy higher than other materials used in boat construction. Unlike an aluminum boat, an HDPE hull will not react with salt water, thus having its maintenance greatly reduced.

This not only saves time and running costs, but also protects the environment from harmful and contaminant agents, including paints and anitfoulings, which are not needed for the duration of the working life of the boat. Additionally, HDPE hull surface is not affected by marine growth. Once again this means extremely low running costs with no chemicals needed for cleaning and no oil dragging on the hull.

This is our solution to protect the environment, present and future. Eliminating completely harmful paints and antifoulings means a great benefit for the marine environment.

To summarize, what is our alternative and how much are we saving?

.- No more marine growth – no paints or antifoulings – 100% cost reduction in underwater hull maintenance.

.- No more punctured tubes: choose HDPE instead of a RIB: 100% cost reduction due to sharp rocky shoals and shallow waters.

.- No salt water corrosion or chemical reactions: choose HDPE instead of aluminum – 100% cost reduction due to salt water corrosion.

Sharp rocky shoals and shallow waters are no threat to HDPE, due to its high impact and specially abrasion resistance. If you combine this with its excellent UV resistance an HDPE workboat becomes in an excellent investment that will last decades.

At Goodwinds Marine Services we can offer the most advanced, last generation of HDPE workboats.

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